Mulligan Ireland's Pashmina/Silk Shawl  - Caher

Named after the Islands of Ireland and inspired by their stories and history, Mulligan Ireland's Island range of shawls and scarves is a fusion of modern Irish design and colour palette together with the traditional Celtic Knot weave or Snaidhm Celtic in Irish/Gaelic. This union of old and new creates a stunning range of exciting and innovative Pashminas that will bring a splash of Celtic splendour to transform any outfit in your wardrobe.

Here with have the Caher Island shawl. It's 74" in length and 13" wide. Caher Island lies off the coast of County Mayo. It is only one mile long, however among the local fishermen it is considered to be one of the holiest islands of Connaught. Some believe miraculous cures can be achieved by lying overnight in St. Patrick's bed or drinking water from St. Patrick's well. Pashmina content is 55%; fine silk is 45%. FREE U.S. shipping.

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Mulligan Ireland's Pashmina/Silk Shawl - Caher

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